Planning for St. Paddy’s

February 24th, 2016

Are your favorite Irish recipes bookmarked? Is your venue awash in shades of green? If you’re not quite ready for an impressive St. Patrick’s Day celebration, don’t worry – with a little help from Amols’ party experts, it can be easy being green. Check our some of our favorite St. Paddy’s products and tips for some inspiring planning ideas!

Finding the right starting point can be tough, especially if you’ve just gotten off an all-day Pinterest binge (no, just us?) We recommend starting with some easy but perfectly festive decorations, like our St. Patrick’s Day Pennant Banner. Keep it going with some shamrocks hanging dramatically from the ceiling, and decorate the walls with our popular (and super adorable) leprechaun cutouts. So whether you’re throwing a large event or just decorating for the classroom or office, we’ve got the St. Paddy’s decor answer for you!

Make sure all your guests get in on the action, too! Our green party wear is a must-have for a true easy-being-green celebration. Hand out a hat to every guest as they enter the party, or send everyone home with some St. Paddy’s beads for a perfectly memorable party favor. Or, let your guests take home a piece of the cake – literally!

We can’t wait to try some of these ideas this St. Patrick’s Day, and of course we’d love to see some of your own ideas and plans for a terrific celebration!

Last-Minute Valentine Ideas

February 10th, 2016

Procrastinators, rejoice! There’s still plenty of time to create the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you’re enjoying the sweetest day of the year with your students or at home with your spouse, we’ve got the supplies you need to succeed.

What’s sweeter than Valentine’s Day in the classroom? Show your appreciation for your students (or teachers!) with a bag full of goodies. Drop a few pieces of chocolate, some cute party favors, and maybe a darling love note into your bag to leave a sweet impression. For a more personal touch, we like to decorate the treat bag with hearts, swirls, and easy handmade paper flowers like these. Not only do you save on time with these quick treat bags, you save sweet money by buying in bulk!

Cupid’s checklist for a lovely Valentine’s Day is never short of hearts, and neither should yours! While you can do just about anything with cutouts, we especially love the idea of stringing up some Printed Heart Cutouts and hanging them from the ceiling. Use as a unique and crafty chandelier above your candlelit dinner for romantic flair. Complete the look with our Red Hearts Confetti sprinkled around the dinner table, or pair with our White Rose Petals to create a magical pathway towards the beginning of the romantic evening.

Now you’re ready for Valentine’s Day! In the event that you need any more inspiration, just stop by the store; we’re sure our employees and aisles of accessories will give you some lovely ideas.

Big Game Party Prep

January 28th, 2016

Throwing the ultimate party for Super Bowl Sunday calls for some serious game planning. There’s the invites that need to be sent out, the seats that need to be crowded in front of the TV, and don’t even get us started on the food. To help you out this year, we’re posing as your very own 12th man! From treats to eats, check out our favorite ways to get your head in the game.

What better way to show off your spirit than with some tailgate-worthy party favors? Our favorite way to make noise for your team is with these Plastic Football Clappers. Guests will love using these loud clappers when their team scores. If that’s not enough, you can truly go long with our giant version. Our football party favors are great for bringing the excitement of the stadium to your living room!

Now whether you’re celebrating with a barbecue or a banquet, our football decorations are unbeatable. You might not be able to throw this Football Cutout around, but it will make the perfect decoration at your Game Day party. Printed on both sides, this cutout is ideal for hanging anywhere. We particularly love pasting these on the front door to show guests where the party’s at! From backdrops to centerpieces, you can put more into your party without paying more.

We mentioned eats, didn’t we? That’s why we saved the best for last. For finger foods, children and adults alike won’t be able to resist these Pigskins in a Blanket. Simply wrap tiny sausages in dough, bake, and decorate. Satisfy the whole party with a squirt of ketchup here and a squirt of mustard there – or douse in spray cheese, we won’t judge! Finally, serve up some of these sweet Cookie Dough Footballs for the scoring touchdown.

For more treats and eats, be sure to check out our Pinterest board! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some more pinning to do.

A Hearty Valentine’s Party

January 11th, 2016

Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to pamper yourself with love, affection…and plenty of chocolate. While unfortunately we don’t sell chocolate here, we can still help with the decorations! Check out our favorite ways to get into the romantic spirit and pull off a Valentine’s Day event that is sure to impress.

Sometimes, less really is more. We suggest going for a simple theme using deep romantic reds, pretty pinks, and wonderful whites like in this delightful soiree. The chandelier of tissue decorations is the perfect, charming touch while hearts and polka dots add instant flair. For a scene Cupid himself would be jealous of, try including our paper flowers! From uniquely handmade carnations to classic tulips, it’ll be love at first sight.

Speaking of love, have you seen our stylish balloons? We can’t get enough of them! You can do just about anything with balloons, from bouquets to arches, but this DIY Balloon Heart takes the cake. Break down those unused boxes stored in the attic, cut into pieces to shape a heart, then arrange your inflated balloons! Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like a gigantic balloon heart.

Did we mention chocolate yet? Because we believe that chocolate is a critical component of Valentine’s Day (and really any holiday), we’ve gathered sweet-tooth enticing recipes perfect for your celebration. Indulge yourself and your loved ones with these truly decadent Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles. With just a few ingredients, these are ideal for any chocolate lover. Or, show your sweet side with these Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Hearts. Creamy peanut butter covered in a chocolate shell – can’t you just imagine biting into one of these pretties?

While you’re on your own when it comes to the candle-lit dinner, we can help you with just about everything else. For more tips and treats, check out our Pinterest board – and be sure to share your pins with us!

Chinese New Year Traditions

January 5th, 2016

Though we’ve made our resolutions and toasted to the New Year, the celebration hasn’t closed its doors just yet! Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, will take place on February 8th this year. So if you haven’t been keeping up with your resolutions, all hope is not lost. With the Chinese New Year on its way, you’ve still got a second chance to get that book read or that junk food out of your house.

When it comes to party planning for this particular New Year, there isn’t nearly as much champagne toasting as we’re used to. However, it’s certainly not an occasion to miss! The Chinese New Year is known for its most important element, the reunion dinner. Held on the eve of the New Year, the dinner spread is lavish with multiple courses – including a raw fish salad known as yee sang. The tradition behind this is that the higher you toss the salad, the more your fortunes will grow in the New Year. How’s that for a tradition?

While the western New Year focuses on resolutions and fresh starts, the Chinese New Year is tied to tradition and symbolism. One of the most common traditions that can be seen during the celebration is the dragon dance. It is believed that the loud beats of the drum and cymbals together with the face of the dragon dancing aggressively can evict evil spirits. These dances take the great skill and mentality of a sports team with the stagecraft of a performing arts group.

Today, the celebration lasts for two weeks featuring a number of important icons and decorations. From dragons to lanterns, Amols’ has a great selection of beautiful decorations to help bring good fortune to your Lunar New Year.

New Year’s Party Essentials

December 22nd, 2015

Hosting a New Year’s celebration? Be sure to get your order in soon! To ensure delivery by New Year’s Eve, orders for most of the country must be placed by Wednesday, December 23rd. While we’re selling decorations and party favors quickly, we still have a large selection of fantastic New Year’s party supplies!

For a large party, you cannot forget the novelty party favors! As New Year’s Eve experts (a title we’ve given ourselves), we think these Happy New Year Multicolor Party Sticks are a crucial part of any New Year’s celebration. These metallic, inflatable sticks are a fun and unique way to ring in the New Year! No one will be able to resist taking photos with these fabulous party sticks.

Want to put together a classy celebration in no time? We recommend our classic Midas Legacy for 50 kit. This glitzy kit is packed with top hats, glittered tiaras, and more. At Amols’ we believe that when in doubt, black and gold is always a wonderful look for December 31st.

Be sure to perfect the final touches for your party atmosphere with our cheerful Happy New Year Star Mylar. With its self-sealing tab, simply inflate with helium and decorate to your heart’s desire! Bright and festive colors will add instant flair that your guests will love.

Shop now, and easily pull together the perfect countdown to midnight!

An Indoor Winter Wonderland

December 21st, 2015

Winter is starting off sluggishly for us in San Antonio this year, but that won’t stop us from bringing a lovely Winter Wonderland indoors! We’ve got the decorations and party supplies to create the perfect snowy look, no matter the weather outside. Whether you’re consistently without snow (we know how it goes) or you need a way to enjoy it without feeling like you might lose a toe, our Winter Wonderland snowflakes, snowmen, and backdrops are the perfect solution!

Nothing quite says winter like our Winter Snowflake Garland. Okay, so it has the name in it, but it certainly brings the winter cheer indoors! Because of its adjustable shape, you can do just about anything with our garland, from draping it around your staircase to using it as a charming border trim. We love the idea of cutting it into smaller pieces to accessorize a party table centerpiece!

Or, take things to the next level by decorating with our Snowscape Backdrop. This humongous backdrop will transform any room into a wonderful, snowy sight. For the perfect touch, we recommend adding these fun and festive Sparkle Snowflakes. Sure you won’t be able to catch the snowflakes with your tongue, but you will certainly stay toasty! Finally, hang this backdrop up on Christmas morning and bring in the magic of a White Christmas – regardless of what the weather forecast says.

No matter what your thoughts are on this frosty season, we can all probably agree on a couple things: winter decorations are fun. And the best part? No mittens necessary.

A Sterling New Year’s Eve

December 19th, 2015

Each year we bring in more New Year’s Eve party kits, and each year we struggle to decide which is our favorite! We’ve decided to do a throwback, and our Sterling Legacy for 50 is certainly in the running this time around – its elegant, timeless style is definitely one that’s hard to beat. You are able to go all out without breaking the bank, and our Sterling Kit is one of our top recommendations to truly wow your guests.

This kit is a dream come true filled with imprinted top hats, glittered and fringed tiaras, foil horns, and serpentine throws. What’s better than being able to color-coordinate your guests? Each person will get their own party accessories to amp up the countdown fun – you’d better get ready for some of the year’s greatest selfies! So set the scene for a classic new year with this Sterling Kit, and see to it that your New Year’s is off to a fabulous start.

But why stop there? Not only do we have decorations to match, we have so many more New Year’s party kits to choose from that are equally worthy of our party recommendation. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for regardless of your theme or color combo. Just know that if you’re stuck on this year’s look, we’ve got plenty of Sterling Kits to make your New Year’s Eve truly – wait for it – sterling!

How-To: Perfect New Year’s Party

December 18th, 2015

1. Make a guest list! We’ve all been there. You think you know everybody who is going to be stopping by, only to find out that Ally’s cousin Login will be in town, and he’s really interested in stopping by – and by the way can his football buddies come, too? In situations like this, having as firm a guest list as possible is a lifesaver. Not only will it help you plan the amount of food you’ll have and the way people will get along into the night, it can also let you know exactly what sort of venue is feasible and how many extra people you can accommodate.

2. Send invitations…now! As you know, New Year’s is a big holiday. Sending out your invitations ahead of time will give you the advantage when it comes to getting people to show up. It also allows you to properly plan to throw an awesome party! Foresight in this area is the difference between a rocking shindig full of people who you like the most, and a poorly attended dud where you continually annoy your cats with noisemakers.

3. Serve food that’s easy but filling! You’ll definitely want to serve some food, but a full meal can be daunting for a high volume of guests. Instead, encourage them to have dinner before they come and let them know that you’ll have snacks throughout the night. Serving finger foods like pretzels, sliders, and deviled eggs keeps your guests full while allowing them to have their hands free for drinks and laps free for some serious dancing!

4. Keep it simple! If the party is going to be at your home, paper napkins and plates are perfectly acceptable. This will reduce the risk of anything being broken, not to mention making clean up the next day a much easier experience. Grabbing an all-in-one party kit will make creating the perfect holiday ambiance a breeze and save you a headache. Instead of scrambling around to store after store, contact Amols’ for help! Our kits are a fiesta in a box full of hats, horns, beads, and so much more. Hand out the favors to friends and family, and get ready to make some resolutions that you’ll definitely keep up this year.

Be sure to check out and download our full version of this How-To Guide – best part is, it’s free for customers!

Treats for New Year’s

December 15th, 2015

We have some fabulous New Year’s party supplies, but there are a few more ways you can make this year’s celebration a hit. Food and drinks, of course, are ones we love to discuss. So this one goes out to all the foodies out there – we know that a truly great party is nothing without the perfect treats!

First things first, you’ve got to come up with some scrumptious appetizers to satisfy your guests while they wait for midnight. We suggest having a mix of sweet and savory treats. This way, there’s enough variety for those with salty palettes and those with a sweet tooth! For savory, we found that these Herbed Mini Caprese Skewers were not only tasty, but super easy to make. For sweet, these Champagne Cake Balls with a champagne undertone are sure to disappear before you know it! These appetizers are finger-lickin’ good without having to go full-meal for the crowd, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Of course, then there’s the actual champagne. While it’s already a hit on its own, we’ve seen some great ideas for jazzing it up. Take this Peach Bellini, for example – light and refreshing, this drink is perfect to make for larger parties. Combine frozen peaches, peach schnapps, champagne, and ice in a blender and blend until smooth. What could be easier than that? This is everything you’ve ever wanted in a champagne drink and more.

Now if you’re celebrating the countdown at home with family, it’s always important that the kids can participate in the fun too. While toasting to midnight on New Year’s Eve is often associated with bottles and flutes of champagne (like that Peach Bellini!), it is actually a popular tradition in Spain to ring in the new year with a skewer of twelve grapes, one for each month of the year. Adopt this tradition with your family for a kid-friendly and sweet New Year’s Eve treat!

We could keep going, but it’s probably easiest to just link you to our personal Pinterest board. We hope your New Year’s party is a huge success!