6 Merry Places That Celebrate Christmas Year Round

Posted December 18th, 2019

As the classic song declares, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Getting to celebrate Christmas year-round would be a dream come true for millions across the U.S.A. Getting to feel the love, fellowship, and togetherness of the Christmas season day after day would be wonderful. In America, there are places that celebrate Christmas year-round! So, pack a bag, grab your Santa suit, and jump in the sleigh for a trip around the country and a yearlong celebration. Don’t forget the Christmas party supplies and eggnog for that pop-up Yule Tide celebration—with the right goods and attitude, every day can feel like Christmas, no matter where you live.

Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth is known as “Little Bavaria,” and the town was founded in 1845 as a Lutheran mission colony. The festive town is home to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the largest Christmas store in the world.  There are Christmas-themed events in the German-style town all year.

Bethlehem, PA

Christian missionaries named the town Bethlehem on Christmas Eve in 1741. They felt, what better name than the birthplace of Jesus? The town has many museums that teach Christmas’s historical side. There are three centuries of Christmas history and numerous historic Christmas trees on display.

Santa Claus, IN

Originally named Santa Fee, the town was forced to change its name in 1856 when they applied for a post office. Santa Fe, Indiana was nearby, and the names were too similar. On Christmas Eve, the townsfolk got together and a little girl suggested Santa Claus. Every year, the post office gets thousands of letters for Santa. Fun fact—this is former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s hometown.

North Pole, NY

North Pole, New York boasts a 96% chance of snow on Christmas Eve. Being close to Lake Placid and Lake Ontario, there is a great chance for some lake effect snow. The town has Santa’s Workshop and a year-round Santa themed amusement park for everyone to feel the Christmas spirit throughout the year.

Midland, MI

While the name Midland might not evoke the Christmas spirit, the town might be the jolliest place on earth. Midland is home to the longest continually running Santa school in the world. Would-be Santas from all over the country come here to learn how to be festive and jolly, and they get some top-notch beard grooming tips.

North Pole, AK

Located about 1,400 miles from the geographical north pole, North Pole, Alaska is as close to the real thing you’ll find in the U.S.—complete with cold and snow. Santa and his reindeer are available year-round, just in case you need to check for your name on the naughty list.