Essential Fiesta Party Supplies

Posted February 27th, 2020

There’s always a good reason to throw an epic party. Have a party because the sun came up. Have a party because you got a raise at work. Throw a party because it’s Tuesday. You don’t need a good reason to throw a party. What you do need, though, is a sweet theme for your party. People don’t want to come over and look at pictures of your trip to the taffy factory, so you had better give them something to do. Cinco de Mayo is approaching, so what better time to have a fiesta? Start planning your fiesta now and load up on essential fiesta party supplies. Don’t get cheap when planning and decorating for your fiesta. Go grande or go hogar!

Hang Lots and Lots of Decorations

To get the traditional fiesta feel for your party, decorations are the key—brightly colored, festive decorations hanging from the ceiling, draped over everything that will stand still, or hanging from the walls. Don’t spare any expense on the decorations. Start out by stringing papel picado overhead. String from wall to wall in every room—the more the better. Get several piñatas for the party too. If there are going to be children at the fiesta, then fill one piñata with candy. Fill another one with more adult fare for the big kids too. Everyone loves to take a few whacks at a pinata; it releases frustrations, and then there’s candy!

Serve Festive Drinks

Serve very festive, very Mexican drinks at the party. This means alcohol, yes, but it also means soft drinks and coffee. There are so many delicious Mexican drinks, it boggles the mind. Start out with the obvious margaritas, tequila, and beer. Serve the margaritas in cactus margarita glasses and the tequila in cactus shot glasses. Serve horchata, aguas frescas, and champurrado for everyone too young for adult beverages or who don’t wish to imbibe. Get a fistful of colorful fiesta straws and mini sombreros to decorate the drinks and provide that little something extra.

Decorate the Tables

The tables take up a lot of room and will see a lot of action during the fiesta, so make them festive too. Decorate them will fiesta-themed plates, napkins, and colorful plasticware. Cover the table with a woven fiesta serape table runner and use Chayo’s flowers as centerpieces too. Tables are the center of attention at parties, and some people will never vacate their spot, so make sure they get the full fiesta effect from their chair.