How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Right Way

Posted February 13th, 2020

Once again, the most glorious time of the year descends upon the waiting. Winter is giving way to spring, the snow is melting, temperatures are rising, and St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon. Soon it will arrive in all its emerald pageantry and grandeur! Bars and restaurants will start running specials on Shepard’s Pie, corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and green beer. It’s truly a glorious time. Make sure that you’re ready for the celebration with these tips on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the right way. Whether you’re a veteran of the day or a rookie wandering lost in the wilderness, it matters not. Read the tips, go forth, and be bold!

Round up the Crew

St. Patrick’s Day is not a day for quiet reflection alone at home. It’s time to round up the squad and hit the town all day and all night. Reach out to the people you can trust to embrace the good vibes of the day and not bail out too soon. Once the core is established and committed, expand the circle and start calling the second tier and so on. Once you’re at a comfortable level of revelers, cut it and head out.

Get Some Swag

The day is a time to look ridiculous and silly. Wear whatever you want—as long as it’s green, that’s really the only thing that matters. Find some epic St. Patrick’s Day party supplies like leprechaun hats, wild print pants with shamrocks all over them, and shamrock-shaped glasses to hide your bloodshot eyes. The more outrageous the better, so get creative.

Find a Parade

Most major cities in America have a parade on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, New York City is home to the world’s oldest and biggest parade. Start the day at the parade and take in some Irish culture, music, and dancing. After all, it’s a celebration of Irish culture—lest you forget why you’re there. Chicago, for instance, has three parades so you can really soak up the ambiance. If you find yourself there, know that the northside and downtown parades are for the family. The southside parade is for hard-partying people, so choose wisely.

Pace Yourself, for the Day is Long

Remind yourself throughout the day that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself so you don’t flame out too fast or get a free ride to a government facility by a man in blue. Grab a bite to eat at some point at a local joint and sample some Irish fare. Specials usually run the week leading up to the big day, so check out several places.

Set up Transportation Early

Have your exit strategy in place for the end of the day. If you plan on using a rideshare service, know that you aren’t the only person that thought of that, and you’ll probably pay surge pricing. To avoid the exorbitant fee, set up a ride from a sober friend, call a cab, or take the bus. Whichever way you do it, know how you’re getting home, because you don’t want to end up making bad decisions.