How to Choose a Theme for Your Party

Posted January 17th, 2020

Planning an event or party at your home involves a lot of decisions. The easiest way to start is to give the party a theme. Giving the event a theme will help make the choices about decorations, food, and music a bit simpler. You can choose any party theme you want; there are no limits on themes, only your imagination. If you are apprehensive about it, then use our guide on how to choose a theme for your party and make it a hit.

Think About Who Will Be Attending

Let the party’s attendees be your guide in choosing a theme. The theme for a child’s birthday party will be different than a corporate mixer, so take that into account. Know who the invitees are and what they like and don’t like. Make it appropriate for the invitees so that everyone has a good time; that’s the most important thing.

Consider the Season

Take a look at the calendar and see what’s coming up. If you’re nearing a holiday, then your theme can reflect it. If summer is drawing to a close and Labor Day is approaching, host a white party. It’s December already? Christmas party it is. In May have a fiesta-themed party around Cinco de Mayo. Or find an obscure “national day” like National Ice Cream Day, and—presto! You have a theme.

Ask Your Friends

When in doubt, crowdsource your idea and ask your friends what they think. A true friend will shoot straight and tell you if the idea is lame.

What Do You Love?

Let your hobbies and interests guide you to a theme. If you are hosting a birthday party for yourself or just want to have people over to hang out, then make the theme something you love. It’s entirely possible that your circle of friends has a similar interest, right? If you love Harry Potter, boats, ladybugs, or pizza, make that the theme and have fun with it.

What’s Trendy Right Now?

Scour social media, Reddit, and online news sites to find out what’s trending and what people are talking about. Base your party around the latest fashion trend or the number one movie at the box office or song on the charts. Picking something trendy will give your party an up-to-date vibe people will love.