How to Decorate Your Retail Store for the Holidays

Posted January 15th, 2020

Seasonal holidays and times inspire retailers to create magic in their stores for their customers. Decorating a store is at the heart of great selling and retailing; it wakes the customer to what’s new and inspires them to browse and eventually buy. When adding different yet familiar seasonal elements to a store, its entire energy is changed. Knowing how to decorate your retail store for the holidays goes beyond showing off a new product or having a sale. We are talking about setting up a brand-new shopping environment that dazzles the eye and draws customers in.

Season Specific Signage

Season specific signage is a big one that retailers miss out on. They trot out all their best products and set them up but fail to draw attention to them. Use signs as a call to action by placing them over the best products and ones that maybe don’t move as well.

Colors that Represent the Season

No matter if it’s Christmas reds and greens, spring pastels, or the warm colors of autumn, seasonal colors set the tone. They are the first thing customers see when they walk in your store. Yes, they are temporary, and it takes more work, but it makes an inviting shopping experience.

Seasonal Lighting

Adding strings of lights brings energy, magic, and color to the store. Use colored lights that match the current season and warm up the store. Lights draw attention to your store, products, and decorations, so use them liberally in the front window and throughout the store.

Props for Telling a Story

Props are easy to pepper through a store to grab the customers’ attention. Props can be anything that’s appropriate for the specific holiday. Think of American flags in July, Santa hats on mannequins in December, or pumpkins and corn stalks in the fall. The sky is the limit when using props, so get creative and have fun.

What to Avoid

Avoid doing the same thing year after year—keep things fresh so your customers come back to see what’s next. Instead of recognizing the same holidays year after year, pick a different one. Let’s say last year you celebrated Dias de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead); this year, decorate for Cinco de Mayo or mark Diez y Sies (Independence Day) with a fiesta. Stores online without a physical location don’t have this opportunity, so take advantage of it. Don’t trot out the same decorations year after year either. You don’t have to start from scratch, but introduce some new elements where you can.