The Top Reasons to Throw a Mexican Fiesta

Posted January 7th, 2020

Party for the sake of party–no one needs any real reasons to throw a party. Have a party because the sun came up, or it’s Saturday, throw a party because you found a piece of Halloween candy in March, whatever. It’s fun to get all your friends and family together and have a party. Having a theme party is even more fun. If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Diez y Sies (Mexican Independence Day) have a fiesta to really celebrate. The top reasons to throw a Mexican Fiesta will show you just how great these parties can be.

The Delicious Drinks

Combined, the food and drinks will be the fiesta’s centerpiece. Margaritas, tequila shots, Mexican beers, and michelada will give the fiesta an authentic feel. Mexico has so many delicious drinks you can serve—you’ll be happy no matter what you choose. Put out some nonalcoholic drinks like horchata and atole; they’re sweet and delicious. You want to be a good host and mingle with your guests. Prepare some margarita pitchers so you aren’t playing bartender all night.

The Fantastic Food

Mexican food is high on the list of the world’s foods. It is so flavorful yet so simple—truly a wonderful cuisine. It’s also amazing finger food for passing around at parties. Chips and salsa, tacos, and quesadillas are simple to make and easier to eat. Set up a taco bar with different meats, vegetables, and tortillas. Grill the meats and vegetables to give them a street market flavor.

The Dazzling Decorations

Fiesta theme party decorations are the best part of this whole thing. Fiesta decorations are so vibrant and colorful, they just set the whole mood for the event. It’s impossible to have a bad time with pinatas, papel picado banners, maracas, and Chayo’s flowers filling a room with life and good feelings. If you have some old souvenirs you picked up on a past trip, such as woven blankets or sombreros, get those out and add them to the party.

The Candescent Clothing

A Mexican fiesta is not the time to get out your khakis and navy sweater. A fiesta is time to get out the bright red, yellow, green, and blue clothes that live in the back of the closet. Bright colors are the optimal style for a fiesta. Frills, billowy dresses, and plunging necklines on loose shirts are fun to wear and perfect for dancing.