Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips

Posted January 29th, 2020

Let’s not overlook one of the best holidays there is—Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun holiday for lovers, kids, and families. The end-of-year holidays like Halloween and Christmas might get all the decorating attention, but that’s a tragedy. Every holiday deserves its moment in the spotlight complete with decorations, music, and hoopla. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to spread the warm fuzzies throughout your house one last time before Spring hits. So, turn your place into a verified love shack with amazing Valentine’s Day decorations.

Roses are Red…

Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers—get them yourself and put them everywhere you can. Roses, tulips, daisies, or whatever your favorite flower is should reside on every table in every room. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like fresh flowers. And they smell good, too!

Set the Mood with Candles

Soft candlelight will set the mood for your special Valentine’s day celebration for two. In the soft, amber glow of candlelight, you can’t help but feel romantic and full of love. Add candles of different colors like red, white, and pink and varying sizes to make a centerpiece.

Add Small Signs

Buy or make some small signs that capture the holiday’s mood and add them to the normal décor. Little signs with hearts on them or cute quotes about love will spread the mood throughout your place all day long. Plus, they don’t take up much space so you can use them next year.

A Tidal Wave of Red

Get anything and everything red that you can possibly find and place it everywhere. Get decorations with little cupids, hearts, red lips, heart-shaped necklaces, red solo cups—get it all! The holiday is about fun and love, so go crazy.

Put out Candies & Chocolates

Roses and chocolates belong to Valentine’s Day just like jack-o-lanterns belong to Halloween. Get your favorite candies and some heart-shaped box chocolates and put them out. Spread them around or put them in a dish. The only problem is you’ll have to replenish the supply.

There’s always an exciting holiday to look forward to—not to mention decorate for. If you love to plan even farther ahead, make sure to check out our St. Patrick’s party day supplies. After all, there’s nothing quite as fun as getting into the holiday spirit, no matter what the holiday is.