Creating a Day of the Dead Altar

Posted October 16th, 2021

Amols' has some helpful tips to help you set up a beautiful traditional altar for el Dia de los Muertos to honor a loved one who has passed.

1. Every Day of the Dead altar should include a photograph of the person honored so they will be able to remember what they looked like on Earth, in the event they have forgotten.

2. It is customary to add a few of their personal items to help the departed remember who they were. This can include, among other things, jewelry, clothes, and any knick-knacks.

3. Decorate the altar with papel picado, hand-cut banners, to create a festive appearance.

4. Add an empty basket to your altar to allow the dead to carry items on their journey.

5. Marigolds are traditionally placed on the altar. You can use fresh cut flowers or some of our hand cut paper flowers.

6. Lay out a small plate of salt which invites your loved one to return next year.

7. Many people place flower petals on the floor from the nearest door in the room to the altar to invite the dead to the altar.

8. Pan Dulce or Mexican pastries are also a common item found on traditional altars.

9. Candles are commonly used on Day of the Dead altars, especially votive candles.

10. A blanket is another excellent item to add to your altar, it is placed there so the departed can cover themselves on their journey to paradise which is very cold.